Here are some of our most frequently asked Ed Sheeran fan questions. We’ll update it often with our latest questions, but these are some of the top things we get asked about regularly. Hope this helps!


How can I get in contact with Ed Sheeran? Does he have a fan mail address?

Your best way to contact Ed is through his social media accounts. You can tweet him at his Twitter account, and leave a comment on his Facebook Page.

Fans have been known to send fan mail to Ed’s management address, however fans have been asked to stop sending mail to this address, as they have received too many letters and packages to store. We still share this address on our website as we will leave it up to fans to choose whether they are going to send Ed letters or not. We strongly advise that if you do still write to him, that you do not post anything of value or anything you wish to have returned to you.

Why won’t Ed respond to my Tweet/Facebook Comment/Fan Mail?

Ed is a very busy person, you only need to look at his tour schedule to see that he performs most nights, as well as travelling around the world and trying to have a personal life. Do not get upset if Ed does not reply to you, just remember he loves his fans and is not ignoring you deliberately.

Can Ed give a shout out to my friend/girlfriend/brother/sister at his show?

We get this email request almost every day from people wanting to surprise others. Firstly, we can’t get Ed to do these things, but even if we could, he’d have 100’s of names to say at every gig he played, I think he’d have trouble remembering them all!

Where can I buy official Ed Sheeran merchandise?

You can visit Ed’s official website, where he has a shop. Or you can visit our shop and find yourself something from a selection of vendors.

Can you promote my Ed Sheeran YouTube cover on your website?

Why not share your cover in our forum with other fans, I’m sure they’d give you some great feedback too!

How can I meet Ed Sheeran?

Depending on the country you live in (as to how big Ed is as an artist), it is very difficult to say whether waiting behind after a show will mean you meet him. Sometimes Ed is known to pop out after a concert and greet waiting fans, however this is never guaranteed and so waiting around for hours is usually not going to get you anywhere. Saying that, I met Ed by waiting after one of his gigs in London, however this was before he got as huge as he is today!