Fan Mail Address


Fans have been known to contact Ed Sheeran at his Fan Mail Address below.


Please note: As this is Ed’s managements address, fans have been asked to stop sending mail to this address due to the sheer number of letters and packages received. If you still choose to send a letter to this address, please remember that Ed is an extremely busy person, and he may not read or respond to your letter. Please do not send any items of value that you wish to be returned to you.


FAO: Ed Sheeran,

Rocket Music,

1 Blythe Road,




The best way to get in contact with Ed Sheeran is by tweeting him at his Official Ed Sheeran Twitter account, or leave him a comment on posts on his Official Ed Sheeran Facebook Page.

We understand that you want to speak with Ed, but so do thousands of other fans, so please be patient. If he doesn’t respond to your tweet, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t read it :)