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Hello and thank you for visiting the Ed Sheeran Fans website.

We are the first and biggest Ed Sheeran fan site and we’ve been around since 2011. Sadly we lost our old website and all our old posts so we are currently in the process of rebuilding all the hours, days and years spent on the original website.

To help us in our rebuild, we are looking to recruit Ed’s top fans to help us by updating this website on a regular basis, if you are interested please contact us at the email below.

We are not the official fan website, nor do we pretend to be, and we do not work with Ed or his management team and will not be able to pass any messages onto them. We are happy to point all Ed fans in the direction of his official website at www.edsheeran.com and whilst we promote tickets for Ed through our website, they are also available and updated more regularly at Ed’s own website.

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Please note: We are a trustworthy site, run by true Ed fans. Some of our links for tickets or Ed merch are affiliate links, this means we get a tiny commission for sales. The reason we do this is to cover the costs of keeping this website open so we can promote Ed to his fans.